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Our Telecommunications Division is a leader in the fabrication of telecommunication towers and the provision of subsea cable services, ensuring robust and efficient communication networks. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions for telecommunication infrastructure, we excel in creating reliable tower structures and installing and maintaining high-speed subsea communication links. Our commitment is to innovate and enhance telecommunication infrastructure globally.


Our Tower Services are centered around the fabrication, installation, and maintenance of telecommunication towers, designed to support robust communication networks. Specializing in creating durable structures, our services are integral to developing and sustaining an efficient telecommunication ecosystem, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Fiberisation: Connecting the Future

Our Fiberisation services are crucial for integrating radio towers with optical fiber cables, significantly enhancing network capacity and facilitating the deployment of 5G services. We provide advanced solutions for fiberisation, aiming to build future-proof communication networks that can support the next generation of digital services.

5G Enterprise Solutions: Driving Digital Transformation

The advent of 5G technology marks a new era in telecommunications, offering immense potential for economic growth and digital innovation. Our vision aligns with Malaysia’s strategy to harness 5G as a catalyst for digitalization, unlocking new opportunities across various sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, media, agriculture, and healthcare. Our 5G Enterprise Solutions are designed to leverage this transformative technology, propelling Malaysia and other regions into a future of unparalleled connectivity and innovation.

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