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Congratulation to our Kuantan Yard team for being awarded Gold Class 2 during the 36th MSOSH OSH Award 2017 presentation ceremony on 9 August 2018.

OGA Exhibition 2015

Citaglobal Energy participated in OGA 2015 which was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 2nd to 4th June 2015. The Product & Services team has showcased products from GE, CCI, Cameron and Scott Safety.


Citaglobal Energy Sdn Bhd has been awarded with Gold Merit Award on 4 September 2015. A total of 8 recipients received the said award and Misi Setia is the only company awarded in the category of Construction & Engineering Construction Sectors.

Gold Merit Award Definition : Excellent on OSH Performance

OGA Exhibition 2013

Citaglobal Energy Sdn Bhd participated in OGA 2011 which was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. With the high quality of GE, CCI and Cameron products, our clients and potential customers were highly impressed with the exhibits which uses the latest automation technology.

SME Best Employer Award in the Silver Category

Citaglobal Energy Sdn Bhd has been awarded with SME Best Employer in the Silver Category by Malaysian Institute of Human Resources Management on 24th October 2013.This was our first participation for the Malaysia HR Award and indeed an honour to bag this silver award category .This HR award recognizes organisations that demonstrates the importance of company good practices and programmes. It is also is to recognize an organization that aligns successful programs and practices with the company’s business objectives

KeTTHA Industry Award 2013

Another accomplishment for year 2013. Recepient of KeTTHA Industry Award 2013 for Contractor Excellence Award (Gas Category). We are delighted to receive this award for the second time, this is a great testimony from Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water for our contribution in the energy industry.

Q4 2014 Projects & Engineering PCSB HSE Contractors Conference

CITAGLOBAL ENERGY had the privilege to host Q42014 Projects & Engineering PCSB HSE Contractors Conference (ConCon). It was conducted on the 3rd Dec 2014 (Wednesday) at Hotel Bangi – Putrajaya. This conference aims to provide a platform for nurturing beneficial partnership between PCSB and its contractors. The theme for the conference was “SAFETY IS OUR CULTURE” as we want to ensure HSE as a lifestyle in each of us, and therefore will form as our culture and be able to bring our nation Malaysia to be recognized as a fully-developed nation by 2020.

Petronas Measurement Forum 2014

Citaglobal Energy Sdn Bhd participated at PETRONAS Measurement Forum on 8-9th September at Melaka. It was a two days forum, at which Petronas engineers and vendors share their experiences and updates on the latest technology.

OGA Exhibition 2011

Citaglobal Energy Sdn Bhd participated in OGA 2011 which was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. With the high quality of GE, CCI and Cameron products, our clients and potential customers were highly impressed with the exhibits which uses the latest automation technology.

Client’s appreciation for Shell Hijau project completion

Appreciation for having successfully executing all mechanical & piping works safely without incidents

CIDB G7 Score 4 Star

Citaglobal Energy is registered with CIDB as Contractor Grade G7(the highest grade). We have participated in CIDB SCORE Programme since 2011 and have achieved G7 SCORE 4 Star for 2 consecutive years.

4 Star Definition : Visionary leadership, efficient management and technical capabilities, compliance to best practices, innovative, very good integrated system and project management. Able to export services to international market.

OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification Celebration 2011

In conjuction with the certification of OHSAS 18001:2007, Citaglobal Energy Sdn Bhd staff has celebrated the event with outdoor games, dramas, and a big feast at Kajang Hill Golf Resort.

Company Events

Blood Donation in Collaboration with Pusat Darah Negara
Fly High Last Long
6.0 Million Man-Hours Worked Without LTI Celebration Day

Citaglobal Energy Sdn Bhd has marked a major safety milestone after recording 6,000,000 manhours worked without lost time injury (LTI) on 30 January 2015, which we have accumulated since 2006. To record 6,000,000 manhours is a considerable achievement in itself but to accomplish this without any incident is a significant landmark. It is a testament to the high levels of health, safety, environment and quality awareness and people-focused culture that is embedded in Citaglobal Energy’s roots.

We had a celebration on 7 March 2015, and as we now look forward to building upon this exemplary track record, the top management showed their commitment to further strengthen the values and QHSE practices on that day by signing on the ‘key’ which symbolizes the launch of our QHSE Campaign : Housekeeping. This campaign is company-wide and will also involve the project sites.

10 Million Safe Man-Hours Worked Appreciation Day

“10 million Safe Man-Hours Worked Appreciation Day marked our achievement in maintaining Non-Lost Time Injury record since 2006. It is an event where we appreciate our employees for inculcating safe work culture at our workplace.”

Walkathon @ Taman Pertanian UPM

Once again HR organized a Walkathon and birthday celebration on 23 May 2015 as part of our monthly company activity at Taman Pertanian UPM (Bukit Ekspo).

Total of 60 participants participated in this activity. The route took the participants exploring Taman Bukit Ekspo. The route covered 3.5km.

Hazard Hunt

This program was conducted to increase the understanding of hazards identification among Citaglobal Energy staff, to encourage Citaglobal Energy staff in ensuring the safety of the workplace, to create a positive perception on UAUC activity and to strengthen the relationship between them. It is an UAUC activity which conducted based on the concept of Treasure Hunt. In this program participants learn to identify the hazard and eliminate the potential risk in a fun way. They were also exposed to the UAUC Concept in minimizing accidents and injury through the Domino’s Theory which help them in understanding the purposed of UAUC activity. A one hour session with the group members has provide them with the best time in sharing knowledge and understanding on the important of UAUC activity and a safe workplace.

Celebrate 5 Million ManHours Worked Without LTI

Citaglobal Energy has achieved 5.0 Million Manhours without LTI in late June. We celebrated the tremendous achievement on Saturday, 28th September 2013. It is indeed our most outstanding achievement in achieving company’s objective to minimise accident risks at work place.

HSE Campaign on Slip, Trip & Fall and Teambuilding

Objective of the campaign is to create awareness of Slip, Trip & Fall prevention among employee at workplace. Slip, Trip & Fall are the hazards at all area (Office, Construction Site, Home & Play Ground) that can be contributed to the accident to the people and Lost Time Injury to company if NOT WELL PREVENTED.

Mini Marathon 2011

Citaglobal Energy has held a Mini Marathon at Taman Bukit Jalil on 24th September 2011 with the running distance of 2.7 km. The theme for this event is “Healthy Lifestyle”.

Broga Hill Hiking

Broga Hill is the hidden gem which located at Semenyih, Selangor. On 22.06.2013, Citaglobal Energy staff with high spirit and excited have started the hiking journey at 6.45am. Even though not all success reaching the highest point of the hill… But the hiking journey was really enjoyed as everyone gets sweated!!!

Bowling Tournament 2012

This year, Citaglobal Energy Sdn Bhd has held a bowling tournament at Ampang Superbowl @ Metro Point-Kajang on 24th March 2012. The atmosphere was cheerful and occasionally intense since many staff are eager, adamant, and have the “gung-ho” attitude in order to pit their skills and lucks just to get the most pin fall. Congratulations to the winners.

Teamrobics 2011

Citaglobal Energy has held a Teamrobics on 23rd July 2011 at Citaglobal Energy Sdn Bhd HQ.

Futsal Tournament 2011

Citaglobal Energy has held a futsal tournament at Gelanggang Futsal, Kolej Pendeta Za’ba, UKM, Bangi on 18th June 2011.

Department Flag Contest 2010

Citaglobal Energy had organised a 5S practice and flag competition as part of the monthly CSR activity. The main objective is to inculcate the teamwork spirit amongst the department personnel.

This activity includes brainstorming ideas, drafting design, selection, and coming together to realize the design. The activity achieved its objective as can be seen through the creative handiwork and its reflection on the identity of each department.

Annual Dinner 2010

An annual dinner at its best with red and black as the “must-use” theme.

5S Spring Cleaning 2010

The event has brought good result. Citaglobal Energy accomplished some results in terms of houskeeping, paper recycling, spoilt items disposal, items relocations etc. It is an awareness especially when staff found papers wastage. Therefore, staff were advised and encouraged to recycle.

The other objective is to inculcate teamwork spirit amongst the department personnel.

Gotong-Royong & HSE Celebration 2010

The gotong-royong was held as part of the efforts to instill an awareness on cleanliness among the staff. They have enjoyable moments as the management worked hand-in-hand with the staff in cleaning up the office premise. After that, there was a luncheon to celebrate 2.5 Million Man Hour Worked Without LTI (Lost Time Injury).

Bowling Tournament 2010

The 2010 year was started with a bowling tournament at Bukit Jalil Golf Resort.

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